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Watch live TV on your iPad®.


Tune in to live TV right on your iPad® and watch it anywhere in your home. Whether you're in your kitchen, your den, or your bedroom—your favorite channels are right there with you wherever you want to be in your house.

Discover the best in TV entertainment.

Finding what to watch has never been this easy. Simply tap to see movies, sports, what's hot, or a complete 14-day guide. Customize your entertainment by creating lists of your favorites. Even record to your DVR from anywhere.

Your iPad® now doubles as a TV.

A dedicated module on your screen shows you the channels you can tune in to and the programs currently playing. Just tap the channel you want to watch and tap Watch on iPad®. It won't interrupt what's playing on any of your TVs. It's like a having an extra TV in the palm of your hands.

Control your TV.

Turn your iPad® into a remote control. You'll love pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, recording, and more, all with a simple tap. The DIRECTV™ iPad® App also gives you some features not included in your regular remote control.

Swipe to watch on your TV.

When you're watching a program on your iPad® and want to start watching it on your TV, just swipe upwards on the iPad® app's video player when you're not watching in full-screen mode. Like magic, your TV tunes itself to the channel you were watching on your iPad®.

Customize your entertainment.

Personalize the DIRECTV™ iPad® app by choosing the channels you want to see. You can also choose the teams and sports you want to follow. You can even control what modules you want the app to show.

All just a tap away.

In addition to watching live TV on your iPad®, you can also tune in to channels on your TV, get detailed program info, set parental controls, and record to your DVR (even pad your recording time in case a program runs over schedule). It's all just a tap away.

Get tips and answers

You can get handy tips on how to get the most from the iPad® app, as well as quick answers to your questions. Just tap the question mark on the top-right.

Access your DVR playlist

You're just one tap away from all the recordings you have on your DVR playlist. Choose Your HD DVR You can use the iPad® app with any HD DVR in your home that's connected to the Internet. Set your DVR from anywhere You can use the DIRECTV™ iPad® App to schedule recordings on your DVR from anywhere, not just in your home.

Type to search

Looking for a specific program? Just tap the Search field and type a keyword. Get detailed show info See descriptions, upcoming showings, cast & crew, parental info, similar shows, and photos. Browse Kids & Family channels Looking for a show for the entire family? You can find all the family-friendly channels together in a single module on your Home screen.

Set Parental Controls

You control what you see on your iPad®. Just tap the gear icon on the top-right of the screen to access Parental Controls. You can block channels from live streaming, as well as set rating limits for movies and TV shows and hide adult content.