DTV Installation

DIRECTV makes upgrading your property easy

With a centralized distribution system, DIRECTV will upgrade your multifamily property with the best HD technology and TV experience available. It's easy and hassle-free. DIRECTV Multi-Family Housing Technologies offer a variety of cost-effective solutions using existing wiring to bring DIRECTV to all your residents, regardless of the number of individual units.

Two great technical solutions for your property

DIRECTV IPAdvantage™

  • A simple and cost-effective IP-delivered solution that supports DIRECTV, HD, broadband and voice services.
  • Uses IP-based technology, and the building's existing CAT5, CAT3, coax and cable wiring
  • Capable of delivering DIRECTV, terrestrial TV broadcast signals, voice, and broadband data
  • Local Content Insertion feature provides property owners with a flexible, simple way to deliver local content tailored to residence needs
  • Compatible with all the newest "i" series DIRECTV® Receivers
  • Remote Network Monitoring: entire system can be monitored over secure VPN connection to ensure smooth operation
  • Ideal for pre-wired Ethernet network properties
  • Supports more than 1,000 receivers per system, with additional scalability to be added in future releases

DIRECTV D2 AdvantageTM

  • Enjoy the full range of DIRECTV programming and services in buildings of any size, including over 160 HD channels, Whole-Home DVR service, DIRECTV CINEMA™, DIRECTV2PC™, DIRECTV™ MediaShare and International Services
  • Delivers DIRECTV, HD, voice and broadband data service via a single wire into the home
  • Uses Single Wire Multi-switch technology and the building's existing coax and cable wiring
  • Compatible with all the newest DIRECTV® Receivers and DVRs
  • Cost effective for properties of any size for new and existing properties.
  • Uses the new DIRECTV 32-channel SWiMTM technology with the building’s existing coaxial cable
  • Low-cost installation
  • More info (pdf)

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