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This Is No Ordinary TV Experience!


DIRECTV has the most HD channels — now offering over 160 full-time channels in crystal-clear high def — and the highest-quality picture with the most movies in Blu-ray-quality 1080p HD. We're the first TV provider to launch dedicated HD 3D TV channels. Our mobile apps allow you to set your home DVR from anywhere. Our Smart Search makes finding what you want a breeze. The list goes on. Forget cable or DISH Network. To get the most out of your flat screen, you've got to hook it up to DIRECTV.


160hd channels

The most full-time HD channels.

Enjoy your favorite shows like never before in crystal-clear high definition. We offer the most full-time HD channels, all in High-Def, all the time.



1080p Blu-ray

The same quality as Blu-ray™

DIRECTV brings the theater home to you with the most movies in 1080p HD, the same breathtaking quality as Blu-ray™.




Ultimate Picture and Sound

3D television

This is the next frontier in TV entertainment, and DIRECTV leads the way as the first TV service to bring the 3D experience to your home.





Whole HOME DVR Service

Record and watch your favorite shows from any room — with a single DVR.

DIRECTV takes your DVR experience to the next level. Now you can record and watch your favorite shows from any room of your house - with a single DVR.




Set your DVR from anywhere

With DIRECTV, you don't even have to be at home to your DVR. You can easily set your home DVR from any mobile phone or computer.




MobileApps Supercast

Mobile Apps

DIRECTV goes where you go with a mobile app that allows you to set your DVR from anywhere, as well as one that lets you watch NFL games on the go.




Media Share

Media Share

With DIRECTV, you can enjoy the pics stored on your PC on your TV, turning it into a beautiful digital photo album.






With our HD DVR connected to your home network, you can watch your recorded shows on your computer.




TV Apps

TV Apps

With DIRECTV, your TV isn't just for shows. With a click, you can enjoy Flickr, webcams, NFL scores, instant weather and more.





DIRECTV's Emmy Award-winning interactive channels let you experience TV in a whole new way. See up to eight news or sports channels at the same time on your TV. Get your weather faster than looking out the window. Find answers to questions about your DIRECTV service. And more.