DIRECTV vs. Cable & Dish Network

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There's just no comparison: DIRECTV satellite TV packages is far above the rest in programming, sports, HD, and 3D, than your other TV service providers.

No wonder someone switches to DIRECTV every 8 seconds! When you compare DIRECTV satellite TV to other providers, it's easy to see how you can get more TV for every dollar.


DIRECTV is undefeated in sports programming!

No one offers more exclusive, all-inclusive sports packages than DIRECTV. Get NFL SUNDAY TICKET and watch every single NFL game this season. Only from DIRECTV.

DIRECTV local TV satellite coverage is outstanding!

Providing local TV channels to 94% of US households, DIRECTV is committed to expanding its local TV satellite coverage to all of America.

DIRECTV is the leader in high-definition programming service.

With 160+ HD channels and the capacity to broadcast well over 200 HD channels, DIRECTV offers more full-time HD channels than any other satellite or cable TV service provider. Local TV satellite from DIRECTV also has the most HD channels offering High Definition Locals to over 91% of US households and counting! You just can't beat DIRECTV's local TV satellite coverage.

DIRECTV is the only TV service provider to bring you 3D programming.

DIRECTV is also the only TV service provider to bring you fully committed 3D programming. If you thought you liked high definition sports programming, just wait until you watch your favorite teams and games in 3D.

Compare DIRECTV to other providers and not only do you see that DIRECTV has better programming, they also have better technology.

Whole Home DVR from DIRECTV

Allows you to pause a recording in one room and pick it up in another, all with just one central DVR.2 The Whole-Home DVR provides a virtual DVR to up to 15 TV's in one home, with full DVR capabilities at every TV. Record up to four shows at once and access any of them from any room in your home. You can't compare most cable providers to DIRECTV Whole Home DVR, because most cable just doesn't have it.

DIRECTV2PC streams like HD satellite TV to your PC.

Just download the application on to your computer for free, and start watching DIRECTV on your PC anytime.

3D HD TV programming comes on 4 fully-committed 3D channels:

ESPN 3D, n3D, DIRECTV CINEMA 3D, and DIRECTV onDemand 3D. Most other providers don't have any of that.

Mobile DVR scheduler3, HD DVR capabilities, and so much more… Other Providers just don't compare to DIRECTV!