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See every race compliments of DIRECTV!


NASCAR HotPass™ is available only on DIRECTV and it's now FREE to all DIRECTV customers. Now everyone can experience every turn, every lap, every checkered flag of the Sprint Cup Series. With four dedicated driver channels all available in HD — NASCAR HotPass™ puts you right in the middle of the action, from the driver's seat to under the hood. Experience NASCAR on TV like never before.


Four dedicated driver channels.

Tune to channels 795 to 798 and experience the race from your favorite driver's vantage point. Each driver channel focuses on one driver throughout the race, so in addition to the network broadcast, you'll see the video from your driver's in-car camera — on one screen. You can also listen to the broadcast network audio and the driver's team radio. And all four channels are broadcast in HD, bringing you even closer to the speedway action.

Heart-pounding HD, lap after lap.

Catch remarkable details that even pit-pass holders can't see. Every thunderous turn. Every near-miss wall scrape. No matter the speedway, DIRECTV HD* will keep you on the edge of your seat every second.

See every race from every angle, compliments of DIRECTV.