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Get the ultimate football experience at home and on the go. For one low price


Just when you thought your football experience couldn't get any better, DIRECTV takes it to a whole new level with NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ MAX. Now get every out-of-market game every Sunday on your TV in super-crisp HD, and on your laptop, phone, or tablet—all for one low price. Plus you get the RED ZONE CHANNEL®, the Game Mix Channel, Player Tracker, and much more. You won’t find anything like it on DISH Network or cable. It’s available only on DIRECTV.

At a Glance

  • See every out of market game every Sunday in HD
  • Never miss a play inside the 20 with the RED ZONE CHANNEL®
  • Watch up to 8 games live at the same time
  • See an entire game in less than 30 minutes
  • Get stats, standings and scores at the press of a button
  • Watch every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game LIVE, anywhere, on your laptop, phone, tablet, or PlayStation 3

Watch every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game in HD!

See every bead of sweat. Feel every bone-crunching hit. Hear the crowd like you're right there on the sidelines. Experience all the great rivalries and action like never before in HD.

Game Mix

Why restrict yourself to one game at a time? The Game Mix channel (702) — available in HD — lets you enjoy up to 8 games at the same time, live on your TV, complete with scores and game clock. Want to watch one full screen? Just highlight and click.


Never miss a play from inside the 20. The RED ZONE CHANNEL® (703) brings you the final yards of every scoring drive on one dedicated channel. And it's all available in HD.

 Go behind the scenes in the RED ZONE CHANNEL® studio 
 See what you get with the RED ZONE CHANNEL® demo

Get every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game on any device!

Watch every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game LIVE, anywhere, on your laptop, phone, or tablet, even with your PlayStation 3. You'll never miss a game, even when you're nowhere near a TV.

Create-Your-Own NFL Mix channel on your laptop. Even watch two games at once with picture-in-picture. Watch games LIVE on your iPhone®, iPad®, and select Android™.

Just download the NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ app on your PS3™ and log in with your username and password.

Also included with NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ MAX

Player Tracker

Fantasy football fans: Here's your edge. Track up to 18 players in real time right on your screen. Go to channel 701 and pick your players. Then follow team and individual stats throughout the day. You even get live "Big Play" alerts for your players every time they make a game-changing play.

NFL Scores

Don't miss a second of the game you're tuned in to. Get multi- and single-game scoreboards on the same screen. Or tune in directly to any game you're tracking. Select "Scores" from the menu or press the YELLOW button on your remote to display the feature.

Stats, Scoring Plays, Standings & Daily Quiz

Get team stats including first downs, third down conversions, rushing and passing yards, as well as the top three players' numbers for each team in rushing, passing and receiving. Never miss a scoring play. See real-time division-by-division standings, along with Wild Card race information. And each week, challenge yourself with 5 new questions about current teams, players and NFL history.

Short Cuts

Tune in to channels 704–705 to see replays of entire games in less than 30 minutes. That's every play, uninterrupted by commercials. So if you missed a game or want to feel the excitement again, you can tune in Mondays and Tuesdays and catch it with none of the stuff you don't want.


Want to relive the best plays of the week? Starting Monday morning and going until the next scheduled NFL game (Thursday, Saturday or Sunday), you can enjoy the highlights and shortcuts from all the games on channel 1005. With NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ on DEMAND, every day is Sunday.